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The Indonesian struggle for independence seen through the eyes of the people who witnessed the revolution up close.

‘Revolusi!’ explores the history of the Indonesian struggle for independence between 1945 and 1949. Central to this are the fighters, artists, diplomats, politicians, journalists, men, women and children who experienced the revolution first hand.

Dutch and Indonesian authors show how the ambition of a free Indonesia was fervently pursued; how it was fought over, how negotiations took place, how propaganda was carried out and how the revolution changed people’s lives.

In this way ‘Revolusi!’ presents a range of personal and collective experiences, told from multiple points of view: from Indonesian and Dutch perspectives as well as those of the groups and individuals in between, with an eye towards the international power arena. >p>‘Revolusi!’ is published in collaboration with the Rijksmuseum. The contemporary works of art, historical objects, propaganda posters, films, photographs and archival documents that accompany these stories testify to a turbulent past.

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Harm Stevens

Harm Stevens

Harm Stevens is conservator geschiedenis bij het Rijksmuseum, auteur van Gepeperd verleden, Indonesië en Nederland sinds 1600.

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